Audit Services For UF, RO, DM, WTP, STP Plants, Industrial Water Filtration Systems, Softeners

We provide Audit Services For UF (Ultra Filtration) Plants, RO (Reverse Osmosis) Plants, DM (Demineralization) Plants, WTP (Water Treatment Plants), MBR Based, MBBR Based STP (Sewage Treatment Plants), Industrial Water Filtration Systems, Industrial Water Softeners from Pune, Maharashtra, India. Thermax Ltd. is reputed Manufacturer of all these Products and Plants. We provide these whole range of Products to WORLDWIDE and Services to ALL OVER INDIA; but majorly we have targeted customers from Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, India.

Plant Audits for WTP and STP
  • On site visit by subject experts to access Actual capacity vis a vis design capacity Quality parameters at each stage of process equipment Sampling and analysis of feed water Checking of safety interlocks Check on overall safety during Operation and Maintenance Flow measurement Water balance Physical checks of piping, valves, rotary equipments, motors, electrical panels, PLCs, field instruments.
  • Based on data collected during site visit and interaction with operations team, detailed audit report will be submitted.
  • Report will include recommendation on improvement of plant performance, optimizing chemicals and consumables, recommendation on retrofit requirements if any.
  • Report will give information on best practices for spares inventory.

Water analysis, Resin analysis
  • water and treated sewage analysis at laboratory for various parameters including BOD, COD.
  • Resin analysis for various parameters of total exchange capacity, moisture content, % fines, fouling if any.
  • Based on resin analysis, if fouling is observed, recommendation on cleaning or replacement will be given.


Plant upgrade solutions for WTP and STP
  • Capacity and/or quality improvement solutions for WTP and STP.
  • Conversion of old clarifier into clari tube settler for capacity Improvement within existing clarifier.
  • Automation solutions for WTP – Conversion of old manual plant into PLC based plant for better control and monitoring.
  • Add on instruments for online control of desired parameters in WTP and STP.
  • MBBR and MBR based STP.
  • WTP and STP up to 1000 KLD.
  • Add on UF as pretreatment in for handling inlet quality variations.
  • Sewage recycle plants.
  • Sludge handling solutions - Filter press, centrifuge.
  • Smart dosing systems for multiple chemicals in STP, WTP and UF RO.
  • RO membrane cleaning skid for 4 inch and 8 inch membranes as per customer requirements.
  • Addition of DM vessels in existing plant for improving quality.
  • Standalone Pressure filters, DMF. WAC, SAC, WBA, SBA, MB, Softener vessels with resin.
  • Degasser tower assembly with blowers and piping for CO2 removal - Replacement of old degasser towers.
  • Replacement of old tanks and piping and valves of all types and with new MOC.
  • Bulk chemical storage system for HCl and NaOH with unloading pumps and transfer pumps.
  • Storage tanks for DM water along with all accessories.